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"Affecting and connecting people around the world through coffee."


Hello.  My name is Brian, and I am the Roaster and CEO of Ethne Coffee Roasters.  The word “Ethne” is a Greek word for “nations” or “people groups” and we at Ethne Coffee Roasters are excited to serve you some of the amazing coffee from some of the ethnic groups around the world.  My interest in coffee came from living for five years along with my wife and children in the heart of coffee country in South-Western China.

I first began roasting coffee as a hobby because in the area where I was living in South-Western China, coffee was a local product.  After tasting fresh roasted coffee, I was hooked.

My interest in coffee grew until I decided to study roasting at Torch Coffee in the city where we were living. By this time my wife and children had caught the coffee bug as well, and we spent time together at the coffee school working on developing our barista skills.  As my family and I made preparations to move back to the USA, after living in South-Western China for ten years, we decided we would love to introduce our friends to some of the amazing coffee tastes from South-Western China and around the world.

Along with my interest in coffee as a product in and of itself, I have become aware of the amazing ability that coffee has to connect 

people.  Communication is often a challenge, but put a cup of coffee in someone’s hand and they tend to relax and communicate.  Put an amazing cup of coffee in their hand, and they have a starting point to begin a conversation which can lead to who knows where.  We at Ethne Coffee Roasters are excited about providing coffee as a catalyst for


At Ethne Coffee Roasters we are also excited about another people connection that happens through coffee.  Coffee is such an important commodity in the world that almost every country in the world is either a consumer or a producer of coffee.  Much of the coffee in the world comes from developing countries where many of the farmers have a lower annual income.  By purchasing coffee from these farmers, we are able to make friends all around the world and improve their standard of living at the same time.  

Ethne Coffee Roasters is excited about affecting and connecting people around the world through coffee.


We would love to serve you.


Brian King

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