September 15, 2017

At Ethne Coffee Roasters, one of the things that we enjoy about coffee is the vast array of tastes and smells that come from different types of coffee from around the world.  From the citrus flavors of Ethiopian Limu Gera to the creamy smoothness of Costa Rican to the bright peppery flavors of Yunnan, each type of coffee is unique in its own way.  That is why we are excited to begin sharing some of the variety with you over the next several months.  Over the next several months, we are inviting you and your tastebuds on a...

July 7, 2017

While we lived in China we learned to love drinking tea.  When we would visit with someone one of the first things they would do was offer us a drink of tea.  Pu'er, China abounds with many varieties of tea.  Even though we lived there for 5 years we only learned a small fraction of what there is to know about tea.  But we did learn how amazing it is to be able to enjoy a cup of Pu'er tea.  We now offer a black tea and a green white moonlight tea for your enjoyment.    

March 17, 2017

It was fun this week to do a custom roast for a friend who likes his coffee roasted dark. After the first several orders, we created Kenton's own personalized label. Though we would not be able to personalize every bag of coffee we sell, it is our goal to serve you the coffee that agrees with your own personal taste.

March 1, 2017

We are very excited have reached a significant milestone in our journey of launching our business.  Our roasting room has passed the state inspection making it possible to sell coffee online or in any restaurant or shop in the USA.    

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